• Keep Your Eyes Open:

    Suspicion indicators in branch operations

    Ideal as a refresher for retail branch staff and supervisors, reminding them of their key legal obligations and highlighting a wide range of recognised suspicion indicators for money laundering.

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  • Smoke and Mirrors:

    AlnaBank and the Messengers of God

    Gripping and realistic, Smoke and Mirrors is a course which will engage all relevant staff with the problems and challenges associated with Customer Due Diligence and Risk Assessment. Made in the style of a TV documentary, the film explores critical money laundering and terrorist financing risks confronting financial institutions conducting business with overseas customers and counterparties in high risk locations.

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  • Punishments and Penalties, Volume 1

    The first volume in a series examining some of the most significant punishments and penalties levied against financial institutions for breaches of international standards.

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  • Mastering Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing Online

    The complete, certificated video e-learning course

    Based on the Financial Times Prentice Hall book of the same name by AML CFT expert Tim Parkman, Mastering Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Terrorist Financing Online is a complete, certificated course of learning on all things AML and CFT.

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Antimoneylaunderingvideos.com is a portal for anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing, training, e-learning, videos and other certificated online AML and CFT courses.

Antimoneylaunderingvideos.com. AML and CFT training is topical and relevant, brings money laundering and terrorist financing risks to life and is an effective way to raise awareness and generate staff engagement and commitment.

Topics covered include Know Your Customer (KYC), Client Due Diligence (CDD), suspicion recognition and reporting, FATF 40 Recommendations and AML, CFT and Proliferation typologies, the risk-based approach, reputational risk and much more.

Prices are calculated on a per - user licence basis, down to as low as less than GBP 1 per person. Courses can also be customised or commissioned specifically for your organisation.

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